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L&P Media is an integrated advertising and marketing company. Since 1995, L&P Media has helped the IT geeks (yea, we have a bunch of them) in the back office to communicate with the front office marketing team (yea, we have them too). L&P Media enables these occasionally differing opinion groups in your organization, to better the integration of technology applications and brand identity.

L&P Media provides award-winning and successful browser-based solutions for its clients. Our in-house staff  located in Albany NY, Troy NY and Guilford CT. offers seamless delivery and communications for both front (design)- and back-end solutions (custom programming, application development and Content Management). L&P Media remains language or technology agnostic, ensuring our clients receive a solution built on open technology that is open, scalable and portable.

Our programming development team follows the latest standards and recommendations from the W3C and other industry leaders. L&P follows the prescribed, Microsoft .NET and Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Blueprints applying best practices in developing and deploying component- based applications.  L&P Media programmers are well versed on Microsoft .NET, PHP, ASP, SQL, MySQL, and Java, as well as many other open source scripting languages.

As a Telerik Partner since 2004, L&P is well versed and proud to offer the all in one .NET tool box Telerik RAD controls, Ajax, Silverlight and Sitefinity Content Management Solutions.

L&P has an established project protocol that includes a discovery and needs analysis followed by an extensive design document of the Internet solution. As our client, you will review and approve the design document, architecture and graphic representations before development starts. This ensures that nothing is missed during development.

As a marketing and communications group, L&P Media understands business, effective marketing strategies, and how to produce a strong return on investment. L&P has an optimum blend of marketing, communications, and business experts as well as technicians and designers. With L&P Media skilled web designers and web developers, your website design will have its due opportunity to build your brand and drive your sales.

L&P Media is a Google Enterprise server and SEO partner and can deploy a Google site search function for our clients. This search will allow visitors to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily. L&P will optimize the web site and test the web site to insure that the web site is optimized for all demographics of users.

L&P Media provides safe and secure hosting.  With a Web Site Hosting facility located in Albany NY, L&P Media hosts many public web sites which require us to constantly test and monitor our sites to insure the highest level of security.

L&P Media provides a dedicated project management and client services process ensuring the highest quality customer service of any web developer in the TechValley. L&P takes pride in its project management skills that ensure projects are completed timely and cost-effectively.

L&P Media has successfully deployed cutting-edge technical architecture and tool sets for application development, web site and browser based systems, provided web site  maintenance, upgrades, and optimization to support scalability, response times, and quick updates since 1995.

L&P Media Senior Programmers, Database Developers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, and Project Managers are all on-staff in Albany NY, Troy NY and in Guilford CT., and maintain the highest quality standards. Our entire Web team is local to the capital region / Tech Valley or our Connecticut offices, thus benefiting the economic climate of the region. Our Graphic designers are not only web designers but also specialize in print,animation, multimedia, kiosks and video production. This ensures what we create for you on the web will carry over to other forms of media and integrate seamlessly to your brand and identity.

L&P Media  operates on the East Coast and throughout the Northeast Region and guarantees smooth implementation and knowledge transfer including closeout documentation and source code along with test data/results, where applicable.

Some of our award winning website’s include:

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