Video Production

With more than 37 years of award-winning experience in film and video production, L&P Media can produce innovative and inspiring results. We will provide clear, concise, and creative content that effectively communicates your message to the intended audiences.

L&P Media can produce a wide range of digital and HD productions, such as: TV spots, PSA’s, marketing videos, training videos, inspirational videos, music videos, online training modules, advertorials, online software demos, recruitment videos, meeting and event I-Mag services, webcasts / stakeholder broadcasting, multi-media presentations and so much more.

Proficient video production begins with a well-defined plan. L&P Media follows a specific methodology for all video projects: Discovery & Needs Analysis, Pre-Production, Video / Film Production, and Post-Production. Each stage in the process represents a milestone in the project timeline. L&P Media has the experience, equipment, facilities and staff to produce your project in a timely manner.

house editing suite where your program truly takes shape. Services may include Avid or Final Cut editing, Motion animation / after effects, 2d and 3d animations, green screen capture, background and transition graphics, digitalization of previous media sources, selections from L&P Media’s image, video and music libraries, and voice over talent, if needed.

L&P Media is able to offer all of these services and more to our clients, and all include a final color correction and audio sweetening service for a polished final deliverable.