Meetings & Events

Hixny ConnectsEvery single meeting that we do starts from nothing and ends up a great success! We plan meetings and events, whether for 20 people or 2,000, from start to finish with a focus on the needs of you, our client. Content, staging, registration, reservations, collateral development, production: the sheer logistics of it all can be overwhelming. Our job is to become your partner – to plan, manage, and document your event so that your message is communicated not only successfully, but with style, and at a price that you can afford and appreciate.

We’re the first ones there and the last ones off the floor, every day of your event; from concept to final load-out, we’re willing to give our all to make your event or meeting a success.


With L&P Media designing and running the technical support for your meeting or event, you won’t have to worry. Expect perfect sound, whether it’s for one dramatic CEO or 15 jamming musicians. Expect high-end projection equipment, so your first-day video opener at 9AM is as bright as your last-day closer at midnight. Expect an evocative, creative lighting design that establishes the exact mood you need. Your message will not only be seen and heard, it will be felt.

Online Registration

L&P Media is well-versed in the methodology and implementation of high-tech registration methods including on-line registration, list server technology, marketing database management, and the like. We utilize our proprietary, online registration software to create a specific site that makes signing up a breeze. Information is then forwarded, in both electronic and hard-copy form, to corporate meeting planners.

2013 Capital Region Pride Center GalaEntertainment

No matter how motivating or unifying the atmosphere, every meeting needs time to unwind. Time for socialization and relaxation. Time for camaraderie and entertainment. L&P Media brings that experience to each event through long-standing relationships with many of the nation’s leading booking agencies. We’ve worked with the top stars of every entertainment genre, and turned many a meeting into a memorable entertainment experience.

Broadcast Meetings

Not everyone can make it? Why not bring the meeting to them electronically? A broadcast meeting is the best alternative to face-to-face, allowing you to connect to many locations around the country or around the world. We have more than 36 years in corporate meetings, more than 30 years in corporate video production and videoconferencing, and 14 years in web development and web-casting; we’ve worked with companies like General Electric, United Technologies Corporation, Albany College of Pharmacy, Capital District YMCA, and many more. We handle everything from designing the right creative format for the greatest impact to total technological implementation, and we can make the experience as interactive as you need.

Team Work

In the business world, life is more complicated than ever; corporate takeovers, savvy consumers, layoffs, re-locations, keeping pace with ever-changing technology, and more challenge you and your employees face every day. At L&P Media, we would like to remind you and yours that one of the best solution to any problem or challenge is to get people to communicate with each other effectively. Give us just an hour and a half, and we’ll get your people to wear funky T-shirts, deliver a team cheer, build PVC go-carts, race around an obstacle course, laugh like crazy, and sing a team song. In just an hour and a half, we can make them partners and friends again, ready to face the challenges of the business world.

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