Advertising & Marketing

Flu_Germs_poster_Final_wbleedIntegrated Marketing Communications Programs

Strategically driven, integrated marketing communications programs yield strong, measurable results. Getting those results, however, requires a sound strategy. Before we make any recommendations, we learn your business, the players, and your key objectives. We discover your internal as well as external pressures. We see how your competitors approach the market and how your company is positioned.

Only after we understand the challenges you face can we begin to help you pursue new opportunities. L&P Media will provide a strategic approach featuring strong messaging, experienced project management, and the right mix of attractive, cost effective creative materials and services.


Building awareness, generating interest, driving action. That’s what advertising is all about. We can make it happen for you.

How? By defining your target audience. By honing your message to its finest edge. By developing exciting creative solutions.

In short, we will help you to effectively position your business. We will develop an integrated strategy employing the most cost effective mediums to meet your objectives. Whether broadcast, print, outdoor, out-of-home, direct mail, or electronic, L&P Media can deliver your message smoothly and effectively.

Public/Media Relations

Do you talk directly to all your audiences, not just customers? What about your industry media or the local media in your operating locations? Have you established regular lines of communication with your employees?

L&P Media can help you craft and deliver effective messages to all of your audiences. We can provide media contacts, press releases and distribution, media tours, video and electronic news releases, event planning and participation, internal communications, web conferencing, and more.

These are all powerful tools to help shape your perception among customers, clients, your industry, your community, stakeholders and employees. If you can effectively manage how you are perceived, you can control your positioning, and more importantly, achieve your business objectives.