What We Do

joe_toys4tots…And How We Do It


Design, good or bad, is more than a color scheme or blinking lights. Creating a solution that works, works well, and endures…that is good design. That is good business.

Your content is your business. Product categories, operational procedures, marketing materials…content is everything. In the Design Phase we’ll get to know you and your content. We will ask lots of engaging questions to understand your needs and those of your clients – short- and long-term.

Then, we’ll work with you to create an interactive structural and technical architecture, a look and feel that brand the product or initiative and ensure it behaves as expected. At L&P Media, we provide a custom solution for every client. And, our time-tested process frees our creative brain without impairing your budget.

Information design, application design, graphic design. Out of this comes order. A blue print. In the design phase, we create plans that make the objective clear.


We listen up front and understand what you and your clients need. Then, we put it all together with the right mix of tools and creative energy to deliver what you asked for from the beginning. High impact media presentations. Flexible training modules. Database management. All have different constraints and suggest different development paths. And, whether you’re delivering on a DVD or CD-Rom, the Internet, or through a Business Application, L&P Media has the perspective to choose the best path and right tools for the job.

But, we don’t believe in testing new industry tools at your expense. We’re careful to choose our technologies to meet today’s industry standards. And, we’ll continue to place new arrows in our quiver-but, only if they make sense for your project…and hit the bull’s eye.


Here, the tires meet the pavement. Your content, or our creative writers, project managers, and designers all dance in a blinding, yet well choreographed waltz. It’s a balance of careful planning and improvised orchestration — the left brain leading where the right brain is going. We move your sales plan, your brochures, and your training manuals from a few dance steps to a full range interactive solution.

At L&P Media, you get the backing of a multi-disciplinary, full-service communications firm. That sets us apart from All others!

Most importantly, we understand that digital media is different and presents unique challenges. But, we do not let them become limits, only opportunities to push our creative minds a bit further. Every day, our clients and the new technologies available to the e-world enlighten us, and take L&P Media to new heights.


Many “new media” companies say “on time and on budget.” At L&P Media, we live it every day. We understand that those two elements ultimately determine the success of your project, and your satisfaction with us.

Throughout the process, your project is managed against the original plan – the proposal and Design Document. We create a project timeline that allows you and our project manager to track the status of production. By allowing the entire production team to compare our goals from Point A to Point B, we ensure there are no surprises. Creatively and economically, project development will be anticlimactic — just as we expect.

Beyond the delivery we host… and host is just the right word. Unlike a typical ISP, when L&P Media hosts your web initiative, it’s a 24x7x365 operation. We think of web sites like television — if they stop moving or changing they may as well be on paper. Whether your web site is WC/3 Level 3 compliant or a graphically intense e-commerce site, we’ll help you plan for the inevitable change and keep your message on target.