• L&P Media and CDPHP team up on Member Moment video

    L&P Media has just completed a CDPHP member testimonial video that shall be used as part of a campaign titled “Member Moments”.
    The focus of this video is on the CDPHP member who faced a personal health crisis and their emotional relationship and connection with CDPHP throughout their ordeal.  
    L&P Media leveraged video shot by CDPHP and repurposed stock footage and photos to create this video testimonial.
    States John Daniels, president of L&P Media, “We’re very happy to have been chosen by CDPHP to create this impactful Member Moment video, and we look forward to working with CDPHP again in the very near future”.
    This Member Moment video can be viewed on YouTube. Click Here
  • Business Council NYS – Our Voice

    The video team at L&P Media was very excited to once again partner with the Business Council of NYS on another communications project. Identifying the need for a long term member recruitment strategy, the Business Council turned to L&P Media to create a video that depicts the value, services and products available vis-a-vis the BCNYS in its members’ own voices.

    L&P Media recommended a video style that had us recording many members at various events and locations focusing on core areas of service that impacted them as member companies. L&P then leveraged powerful impact text, B-roll imagery and video from locations around NYS, as well as use of exciting graphic animations.

    Our biggest challenge was with so much great content and excitement from members about The Business Council, what to select in an easily viewable less than 3 minute online video. The Communications professionals at The Business Council had a vision, and L&P Media was able to help achieve that vision towards a productive membership campaign.

  • L&P Media teams with Hixny and Intersystems to create an online software video demo

    Introducing the Hixny Secure Patient Portal – a secure system for authorized healthcare providers and patients to share patient health information in a timely and efficient manner. This video demonstrates how Hixny helps provide safer, more efficient care every day to people like us across our community. Health Care Providers can efficiently and safely coordinate patient care.

    John Daniels of L&P Media states, “we are pleased to continue to expand our relationship with HIXNY; from web design and development, print collateral, event production, video production and its new software demo tools. L&P is able to offer HIXNY a single source, high quality solution for all of the HIXNY marketing and outreach needs. For more information, please visit our web site at: www.lpmedia.net, or just give us a call.”

    Everyone benefits from a healthier community population. Hixny’s services and programs help reduce healthcare costs and improve population health by minimizing redundant tests and procedures, providing comprehensive patient health records, increasing care coordination, and giving patients an opportunity to proactively participate in their healthcare. It’s time to join the Hixny community.

  • L&P Media is very pleased to create the 2014 New York Association highlights video

    L&P Media is very pleased to create the 2014 New York Association highlights video.
    This is another engagement with the NY Gaming Association for L&P Media. Previously, L&P Media developed websites, print collateral, trade show booths and collateral materials, other video and multimedia, and educational and informative support items for the Association.

    This video serves to educate and inform the government leaders, municipalities, and constituents of NYS of the Association’s accomplishments and economic impacts throughout the State of New York. The video will serve to further educate NYS leaders and residents as to the positive benefits, economic development jobs creation, increased tax base, and education funding from Gaming across all of NYS.

  • L&P Media rings in the New Year with its newly designed Website

    Happy New Year from L&P Media!
    L&P Media invites ALL of you to view its newly designed website: www.lpmedia.net.
    Built in the latest version of WordPress, the new and improved responsive front-end framework of the website offers our viewers an informative and interactive experience, reflective of our in-house capabilities. The “At a Glance” front page is packed with many new features including our featured clients, testimonials, previews of our most current work, Twitter, news and the ability for you to join our e-Mailing List.
    Our portfolio of work is detailed in distinct categories. For example, Websites come with a screen shot, Videos shall play right on the portfolio page, and Events shall be displayed with a thumbnail that connects right to our Facebook Event album.
    Celebrating 36 years of providing communications excellence to our customers, please let L&P Media assist you and your organization with your next Website, Video, Event Production or Marketing Communications need.
    Please contact L&P Media today at (toll free) 1-800-201-5949 or 518-880-0300, x350 or you may email us at information@lpmedia.net.