Features Include:


  • Multi-Lingual – Store site can support dynamic run-time language switching. Customer can select store language at run-time. Store administrator controls allowed languages. Language packs sold separately.
  • Multi-Currency – Customer can select store currency to view at run-time. Allowed currencies are under control of store administrator. Support for various leading exchange rate feed suppliers will be supported (via XmlPackages). Sign-up for some exchange rate feeds is optional, through 3rd parties, and they may have fees associated with them (e.g.,, etc).
  • Ability to completely customize the layout & appearance of any category, section, manufacturer, or product page. XmlPackage support: XML/XSL rendering engine (developer defined home page, category, section, manufacturer, and product page format layouts)
  • General Site Disclaimer Message (Agree Before Entering) supported
  • Provide your own unique content pages to customers through the use of HTML topic pages. Provide instructions, tips & tricks, FAQs, and other supporting materials that will make customers feel at home with and comfortable shopping from your business
  • Contains a full store administration module that allows adding/editing of all store information, shipping, taxes, categories, manufacturers, products, affiliates, coupons, orders, etc.
  • Uses a template driven approach called a skin. A skin is comprised of an HTML file, style sheet, and corresponding image graphics. Your store design can be customized to match your business style and industry, so your customer also has a completely seamless and unified experience. The customer does not leave your site to add items to the shopping cart or to checkout!
  • Advanced e-commerce features that maximize search engine positioning and placement through the use of static pages.


  • Supports a wide range of product types, including downloadable items and subscription based content.
  • Ability to change product images per production, and to use multiple images per product with integrated image galleries
  • Automatic image watermarking for protection
  • Option to restrict product quantities to preset values (e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, …)
  • Allows administrator to import products from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Categories, subcategories, and sections/sub-sections are supported. Products can be mapped to multiple categories/subcategories/sections/subsections
  • Each product “variant’ can have different pricing, and can even vary pricing by customer type (e.g. retail/wholesale, etc). You can define pricing for multiple customer levels. There is no limit to the number of customer levels defined.


  • Gift Registry supported
  • Gift Registry can be anonymous (gift registry owner name and address is hidden)
  • Gift Card supported


  • Ability to set the site to Wholesale Only (Prices not shown to general site customers)
  • Option to skip account creation on checkout
  • Partial Refund and Add-Hoc Charges supported
  • Apply taxes by country


  • Shipping methods verified against user addresses during checkout (this avoids those customers who always choose ground shipping for instance, but live in Hawaii!)
  • Advanced real-time UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL shipping rates interface
  • Option for multiple ship-to addresses per order
  • Ability to assign products to vendors to facilitate drop-shipping