InteliAdmin™ Content Manager

Benefits to Having a Database-Driven CMS Support Deployed

At its core, a CMS is a database (most likely SQL) that contains the content for a web site: news stories, events, articles, images, etc. Content can be added to the database simply by cutting and pasting (or dragging and dropping) text into a simple browser-based form. Text can be styled – boldface or italics added just as in Microsoft Word. The InteliAdmin™ CMS allows users to associate images such as photographs, movies, or sound files with text. In short, these systems make it easy for a novice user to update or add copy to a web site – anyone who can use Internet Explorer and a document program can use most CMS’s with basic training.

When a visitor hits a web page on a CMS-driven site, a form containing the page’s image assets – the header, navigation bar, and other elements of the page – pulls the appropriate content from the database and displays it on-screen. Keeping the content of the site separate from the graphics allows the content to be updated by many more people.

The Benefits

  • Fresh Content
  • Consistency
  • Time to Publish
  • Syndication
  • Ability to integrate data sets and systems
  • Less time managing the web site!InteliAdmin™ has built-in workflow tools, allowing various stages of copy-editing and approval before copy is published on the site. This ensures that an organization can retain as much control as possible over the quality of content on its site. In addition, industry leaders believe that a good CMS such as L&P’s InteliAdmin™ should follow the following basic principles:Open Standards. A typical web application is expected to service a variety of computers, operating systems and databases. An open-standard CMS should be able to connect with all of them relatively easily, though some integration will be required (like XML).Workflow Tools. A good content management system should enable work processes to be automated and checked for accuracy before being published. For example, a department manager could be informed by email when changes are made to pages within the department’s site to ensure that content is accurate before it is published. Spell checking is standard, versioning is also an-add on module we can simply apply.Sunsetting. InteliAdmin™ has publish and expire features available. These features allow you to make sure something is published on the site at a certain time – and removed at a certain time.

    Intuitive Interface. InteliAdmin™ has an interface that is easy to use. Anyone who can use a web browser should be able to add or edit content in the CMS.

    Content Management Systems helps to minimize costly staff and maintenance expense needed to create and publish content while ensuring a workflow process and consistency of message. Finally, the web-based CMS will make it easier for content writers and publishers to distribute content and keep the site as current as you receive new content.

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