L&P Media teams with Hixny and Intersystems to create an online software video demo

Introducing the Hixny Secure Patient Portal – a secure system for authorized healthcare providers and patients to share patient health information in a timely and efficient manner. This video demonstrates how Hixny helps provide safer, more efficient care every day to people like us across our community. Health Care Providers can efficiently and safely coordinate patient care.

John Daniels of L&P Media states, “we are pleased to continue to expand our relationship with HIXNY; from web design and development, print collateral, event production, video production and its new software demo tools. L&P is able to offer HIXNY a single source, high quality solution for all of the HIXNY marketing and outreach needs. For more information, please visit our web site at: www.lpmedia.net, or just give us a call.”

Everyone benefits from a healthier community population. Hixny’s services and programs help reduce healthcare costs and improve population health by minimizing redundant tests and procedures, providing comprehensive patient health records, increasing care coordination, and giving patients an opportunity to proactively participate in their healthcare. It’s time to join the Hixny community.