Business Council NYS – Our Voice

The video team at L&P Media was very excited to once again partner with the Business Council of NYS on another communications project. Identifying the need for a long term member recruitment strategy, the Business Council turned to L&P Media to create a video that depicts the value, services and products available vis-a-vis the BCNYS in its members’ own voices.

L&P Media recommended a video style that had us recording many members at various events and locations focusing on core areas of service that impacted them as member companies. L&P then leveraged powerful impact text, B-roll imagery and video from locations around NYS, as well as use of exciting graphic animations.

Our biggest challenge was with so much great content and excitement from members about The Business Council, what to select in an easily viewable less than 3 minute online video. The Communications professionals at The Business Council had a vision, and L&P Media was able to help achieve that vision towards a productive membership campaign.